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Honorary Members
Projects of the Traditional Boer Music Club of South Africa

1. Commemorative Monuments:
Tombstone for Faan Harris
The first project of the club was to erect a tombstone for Faan Harris. Faan Harris is still regarded today as one of the finest concertina players due to his fluent style and the beautiful tunes that he and his band, "Die Vier Transvalers" (The Four Transvalers), left us. On 3 April 1982 the tombstone was unveiled in the presence of many interested people and well-known musicians.

fltr. Mrs Annie Bosch, Manie Bodenstein, Tom Senekal, Dirk Laas,
Johannes La Grange, Piet Bester, Stephaan van Zyl
[Photo copyright - Séan Minnie]


Tombstone for Silver de Lange
The Club unveiled a tombstone for Silver de Lange on 19 October 1985 in the Wespark cemetary Johannesburg. As leader of "Die Vyf Dagbrekers" (The Five Day Breakers), Silver was one of the best players amongst his peer pioneers. His brother Jan and a few of his sisters were amongst the dignitaries that attended the event. Bobby Pennells was Silver's banjo player and he performed the unveiling. It was a solemn occasion and the chairman of the club, Rev. Aucamp, opened the ceremony with prayer and a scripture reading.

Bobby Pennells at the tombstone of Silver de Lange
[Photo copyright reserved]

Obelisk for the Lydenburg Vastrappers
The Club unveiled an commerative obelisk in honor of "Die Lydenburg Vastrappers" on the 1st of March 1986 in Lydenburg. Die event was opened with scripture reading and prayer by the chairman, Rev. Lourens Aucamp. Mr. Dirk Winterbach, a son of Chris and Baba Winterbach, performed the unveiling. After that Mrs. Helena Kotzé, a daughter of Klaas, placed a wreath of fresh Proteas on the stone on behalf of the Club. The mayor of Lydenburg made a speach and Rev. Aucamp mentioned that this group of people were the first band to go from the country side to the city of Johannesburg to make recordings.

[Photo copyright reserved - Séan Minnie]

back fltr: Danie Labuschagne, Stephaan van Zyl, Rev. Lourens Aucamp,
Danie Grey, Lt.Col. Piet Bester, Jasper Vlok
front fltr: Charles Ellis, Hennie Stone
[Photo copyright reserved]

Boer Music Band in Bronze

On 29 January 1994, the remaining musicians of the Boer Music Band in Bronze was unveiled by the mayor of Pietersburg, Mr. Thomas Pretorius. For a detailed account of the events please consult the news letter Vastrapper Nr 11

2. Redistribution of historic recordings:
To ensure that the character of Boer Music remains intact, and to prevent that the numerous unique tunes are lost, Danie Labuschagne was called upon by the committee. The task of finding all the old 78-speed records of the old artists, and redistribute them on 33-speed long-playing records was entrusted to him because he already had a great collection apart from being a real expert on the music. Danie Labuschagne is assisted by Stephaan van Zyl and together with Mr. Plato Michael, of Michael's recording studio, their first project started.

In those days, without the advantages of modern digital computer technology, a high speed recording was first made of the records. There after the tapes were played back slowly and the noise marked. The noise places were then cut out and the tape joined again. This often resulted in one tune ending up as a tape of 100 meters long and consisting of 5 mm pieces. Nowadays all the music is digitally remastered and distributed on Compact disc and cassette. Recordings of historic value from other sources are also distributed. A list of all the long-playing records (P), cassettes (K) and compact discs (CD) that were produced and/or distributed van be found here.

3. Preservation of historic information:
To preserve information of bands and their members a comprehensive book was written by Piet Bester entitled "Tradisionele Boeremusiek - 'n gedenk Album". (Traditional Boer music - a commemorative album) The first volume covers artists that made a definitive contribution to Boer music, artists that recorded 78-speed records as well as artists that have already passed away. In this way the contribution of the different bands are kept alive. The second and third volume was subsequently released and also covers younger artists.

After very comprehensive research Mr. Wilhelm Schultz published a book entitled "Die ontstaan en ontwikkeling van Boeremusiek" (The inception and development of Boer Music).

4. Virtual Museum:
Everyday knowledge and a regular event forms the basis of the history of tomorrow. This webpage has the goal to gather that information and provide it to future generations in electronic format for study and preservation. You are invited to contribute news, pictures and any other biographical information of persons, bands or events.

Your contribution can prevent this inheritance from being lost for ever.